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1 year ago
32670 SqFt

This 3/4 acre residential lot allows its creative owner the opportunity to build a showpiece property without the usual consideration or restrictions of space, “right angle” or size property. Why? Imagine, a rich green back drop,sprinkle of colours in between and a direct frontal view of deep blue sea with hovering splashes of playfully dancing […]

Residential (Sales)

1 year ago
18227 SqFt
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Subject property is a single-family bungalow with a gross floor area of approximately 44.60m2. It comprises a patio on entry, combined living/dining room, and 2 bedrooms. An incomplete section of approximately 10.31m2 is annexed to the rear of the residence and serves as a kitchen. Toilet also detached. With a bit of fixing here & […]

Residential (Sales)